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Brief Thoughts on Redemptive Historical Preaching

Cornelis Pronk’s articles on ‘Preaching in the Dutch Calvinist Tradition’ (part 1, part 2) deal with the debate between the advocates of redemptive historical preaching and the advocates of exemplary preaching in the Netherlands. It is claimed that Dr. Klaas … Continue reading

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Seen in China

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Lectures Update

I have listened to the next two parts in Alan Strange’s critique of the Federal Vision and it is woefully poor. A number of his criticisms fall so wide of the mark that I am almost embarrassed for him. Take, … Continue reading

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Tom Wright and Reactions

A very helpful post by Joel Garver.

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Thoughts on Lectures

This morning, while I was working, I listened to a couple of lectures. The first was a lecture by James Jordan, entitled ‘Rethinking Evangelism’. It was helpful, even though the points that he made are quite familiar to me by … Continue reading

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40 Years Ago Today…

…England won the World Cup. Can we stop talking about it now? Please?

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An Amazing Performance

What a spectacular achievement! I never expected to see the highest partnership in first-class cricket record broken. Mahela Jayawardene’s personal total was the fourth highest ever in Test cricket. I wonder how he is feeling tonight — satisfied with his … Continue reading

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Mars Hill Audio Podcast

Thought-provoking podcasts from Mars Hill [HT: Peter Leithart]. I would also highly recommend the CD Bonus Selections on the Mars Hill Audio website. A lot of good material for free.

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Book Meme

From Faith and Theology comes yet another book meme:— 1. One book that changed your life: The Gospel according to St. John 2. One book that you’ve read more than once: John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion 3. One … Continue reading

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If any of you have had trouble getting your comments to appear over the last few days, don’t worry. At the moment I am having all sorts of spam problems and have decided to only permit comments from authors who … Continue reading

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