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Bauckham’s New Book on the Gospels

Last October I had the privilege of hearing Richard Bauckham (a lecturer in the University of Saint Andrews) give a lecture on many of the subjects that will be dealt with in his forthcoming book, Jesus and the Eyewitnesses (I … Continue reading

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Losing Balance

Telford Work writes: Sometimes the issues that create friction and develop doctrine come from the margins, not the center, of the Christian faith. The result is a shift in the tradition’s theological center of gravity: Iconoclasm directed Orthodox attention towards … Continue reading

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I don’t usually read Doug Wilson’s blog, but one of his recent posts — ‘Incarnational Is As Incarnational Does’ — has been quoted in a number of places within the blogosphere, so I took the time to read the full … Continue reading

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Hurtado on The Da Vinci Code

Read the article here [HT: Dr Jim Davila].

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Structured Procrastination

At last, someone has identified and analyzed structured procrastination [HT: David Field]. I have often confessed to people that sloth is my besetting sin and have been met with disbelief. Some people think that I might be fishing for compliments; … Continue reading

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As if it wasn’t bad enough already, they call it the contemporary ‘English’ version!!! [HT: Daniel]

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Van Til’s Unicorn

A few months back I wrote the following: Eco also draws his reader’s attention to the manner in which a number of thinkers imposed preconceived conclusions upon the evidence that they encountered in their different fields and activities and failed … Continue reading

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Alien Righteousness in the Thought of Martin Luther

So the outward turn of attention in Luther’s doctrine of justification, based on a kind of sacramental externalism and summed up in the phrase “alien righteousness,” must not be confused with the very different externalism of the purely forensic doctrines … Continue reading

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Let’s Have More Teen Pregnancy

This article is spot on, in my humble opinion. [HT: Kevin]

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Biblical Mode of Participation in Supper Safer than Intinction

So says this article [HT: I don’t remember where I was linked from. If it was you, thank you.].

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