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John Ruskin and the Illusion of Value

A post of mine on the subject of labour, money, and the question of value has just been posted over on The Kitchen Table. Within it, in conversation with Ruskin, Mill, and Marx, I discuss what value is and how … Continue reading

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Answers to Questions—25/10/2017-31/10/2017

I have hit the milestone of 1,000 answered questions on Curious Cat and have signed off answering questions on the site for the next few months. Thanks to everyone for their questions! Here is a list of some of the last … Continue reading

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Podcast: Augustine’s ‘Confessions’ Book 3

Welcome to the latest episode of our study through Augustine’s Confessions. This week we get into the third book, discussing matters such as Augustine’s critique of the theatre. You can also follow the podcast on iTunes, or using this RSS feed. Listen to … Continue reading

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