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Tonight I am spending my time constructing homemade Christmas cards. Each one takes a considerable amount of time to assemble. This year I have decided to make cascading waterfall cards with pop-up snowflakes inside. A lot of fun. This morning … Continue reading

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BHT Questions

The denizens of the Boar’s Head Tavern have recently been answering a questionnaire, a questionnaire that has also been taken up by some off the list, including Joel, Kevin and Louis (who is a new blogger, but a long time … Continue reading

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The Judah and Tamar Story in its Context

The Problematic Character of Genesis 38 In approaching Genesis 38 we are immediately confronted with an apparent discontinuity between it and the surrounding chapters. Brevard Childs observes that, in the light of such discontinuities, the chapter has been ‘summarily dismissed … Continue reading

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In Honour of Ninja Day

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Real Men Knit

Reminds me that I have an Aran sweater to get back to work on…

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I Think That I Am Going to Weep

I am in an ugly mood this morning.

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