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Podcast: Augustine’s ‘Confessions’, Book 11

In the latest episode of Mere Fidelity, I join Matt and Derek to continue our discussion of Augustine’s Confessions, exploring Book 11 of the work. You can also follow the podcast on iTunes, or using this RSS feed. Listen to past episodes on Soundcloud and on this page on … Continue reading

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The Politics of the Mist

I have a reflection on Ecclesiastes and politics over on Political Theology Today, largely drawing upon some previously posted material: ‘Vanity of vanities’—or, more literally translated, ‘vapor of vapors.’ There are few more potent and fecund metaphors for human life, activity, and … Continue reading

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A Musical Case For Typological Realism Part 3

The third of my four part argument for typological realism through the conceptual metaphor of music has just been published on the Theopolis Institute: Music’s revelation of time’s potential to be a realm of unity and coherence affords us new … Continue reading

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Podcast: Time

In our latest Mere Fidelity episode, Matt, Derek, and I take up the theme of time, exploring, among other things, some of the issues raised in my recent posts for the Theopolis Institute. You can also follow the podcast on … Continue reading

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How Can The Doctrine of Providence Be Used Today? A Redemptive Historical and Synergistic Doctrine of Providence

OK, the following is adapted from an early draft of an essay that I have been writing over the last few days. It is far from perfect, but it is an attempt to articulate some convictions that I have had … Continue reading

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