Happy Birthday!

HM The Queen

Happy 80th birthday, Your Majesty! (Former colonies just don’t know what they’re missing out on…)

About Alastair Roberts

Alastair Roberts (PhD, Durham University) writes in the areas of biblical theology and ethics, but frequently trespasses beyond these bounds. He participates in the weekly Mere Fidelity podcast, blogs at Alastair’s Adversaria, and tweets at @zugzwanged.
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8 Responses to Happy Birthday!

  1. Alex Smith says:

    Hmmm…A Scottsman celebrating the birthday of the Queen of England. What would William Wallace say?

  2. Al says:

    I am actually an Englishman, born in the fine Royalist city of Worcester. I just happen to be studying in St. Andrews at the moment (where Prince William studied until a year ago).

  3. Alex Smith says:

    I stand corrected. Enjoy the celebration.

  4. John H says:

    An adviser on royal etiquette writes:

    That’s “Your Majesty” to you, chum. 😉

  5. Alex Smith says:

    “Her Majesty, Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.”

  6. Elizabeth the Second says:


    Thank you for your kind note. Love your blog.

  7. Al says:

    Thank you very much, Your Majesty.

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