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The first line of this post is quite encouraging. I have long believed that doctorates are overrated (chiefly because, as an undergraduate, I am so far away from getting one). I would imagine that if I were ever to earn … Continue reading

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Kissing Secular Dating Goodbye

John H has some great comments here.

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The Authority of Scripture: The Authorizing Text

In my previous post I gave a brief sketch of James Jordan’s priest-king-prophet progression. If you have not already read that post, I would strongly recommend that you do so before moving on. Although most of this post can stand … Continue reading

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David Bentley Hart on the Pornographic Society

Thanks to Joshua for directing me to this thought-provoking article and magazine. I found this section especially significant. It reminds me of some of the things that I have been reading recently in Hauerwas and O’Donovan. [I]t is more than … Continue reading

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The Authority of Scripture: From Priests to Prophets

I promised to post some of the thoughts that I have been having on the subject of the authority of Scripture. In my earlier post I raised the issue of the form in which we encounter the Bible, arguing that … Continue reading

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Home Again!

I am back home for the holidays. It is good to see family again. Last night was a very important night in which I made some important decisions, decisions that may slowly begin to radically change the course of my … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Prayer

Perhaps one of the most helpful ways that I have found to think about the place of prayer in our lives is by comparing it to the place of punctuation in an essay. Prayer and worship direct and channel the … Continue reading

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Today I finally finished my ethics essay. I have never had so much grief over one essay (of only 2000 words). I expected that writing essays would be hard this semester, as I have had almost no focus and motivation … Continue reading

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One of the Great Things About Being Justified by God…

…is that it frees us from the need to justify ourselves by our theology. It permits us to call our theology into question without thereby undermining the foundation of our faith and confidence. When our justification is in God’s hands … Continue reading

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I have long held that the biblical references to ‘regeneration’ and being ‘born again’ need to be understood to be referring, not primarily to individual conversion, but to the new creation ushered in through the work of Jesus Christ. They … Continue reading

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