Back in St. Andrews

I arrived back yesterday evening. The holiday was good. I got quite a lot of work done and also enjoyed myself. I wrote two almost complete essays and did a lot else besides. However, I am not feeling like saying much at the moment. Tomorrow classes start again. I want to really work for the rest of this semester. I am comfortably up to date with the work for all of my modules at the moment, which gives me the opportunity to do some extra reading. The free time that university life affords me is a luxury that I really ought to make the most of. Ironically I read more theology when I was working full time last year.

About Alastair Roberts

Alastair Roberts (PhD, Durham University) writes in the areas of biblical theology and ethics, but frequently trespasses beyond these bounds. He participates in the weekly Mere Fidelity podcast, blogs at Alastair’s Adversaria, and tweets at @zugzwanged.
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