40 Days of Exoduses

The following is an extremely extensive treatment of the theme of exodus within the biblical text.

Day 1: Noah’s Exodus (Genesis 5-9)

Judgment on the antediluvian world – Ark as embryo of new creation – Deliverance of Noah – Confirmation of God’s covenant with Noah – Rest and the fall that followed.

Day 2: Terah and Abram’s Exodus (Genesis 10:1-12:9)

Imperial building project at Babel – Terah’s departure from Ur – Abram’s call from Haran – Conquest through worship

Day 3: Abram’s Exodus from Egypt (Genesis 12:10-14:24)

A nation summed up in one man – Reading the patriarchs typologically – Abram’s deception – Capture of the bride – Plaguing Pharaoh – Release of the slaves – Return to the land – Military victory

Day 4: Abraham, Lot, and the Flight from Sodom (Genesis 17-19)

Cutting off the flesh before the judgment – Promise of a son – Angel of YHWH and the two witnesses – Elevation to membership in the Heavenly Council – Sodom as Egypt – Exodus from Sodom – Tragedy of Lot

Day 5: Abram’s Sure Covenant of Exodus (Genesis 15)

Promise of heirs – A strange vision – Meaning of the vision – Darkness and the passing of the torch – The sacrificial system – Anticipation of Exodus

Day 6: The Opening of the Wombs and the Blessing of the Gentiles in Gerar (Genesis 20:1-21:7, 22-34)

Repeating themes in sacred history – Timeframe and geography – The deception of Abimelech – The threat on the woman – Accusation – Opening of the wombs – Conversion of Abimelech – Covenant with Abimelech – Birth of Isaac

Day 7: Hagar and Ishmael, the Forerunners in the Wilderness (Genesis 16 & 21)

Interwoven narratives and archetypes – Abram, Sarai, Hagar and a Fall scene – Hagar’s exodus from Sarai – Ishmael as the first Isaac – Ishmael’s exodus – Hagar and Ishmael in later biblical typology – Hagar/Ishmael and John the Baptist – Paul’s allegory in Galatians

Day 8: Following in the Footsteps of Abraham (Genesis 26)

A third sister-wife narrative – Isaac and Rebekah among the Philistines – Conflict over wells – Oath and covenant with Abimelech – Extension of the life of the covenant

Day 9: The Cunning Woman and the Righteous Serpent (Genesis 27:1-28:9)

The birth of Esau and Jacob – The Fall of Esau and the loss of his birthright – Jacob as the righteous serpent – Rebekah’s shrewd deception – Two goats and the Day of Atonement – The flight of Jacob

Day 10: The Faithless Father-in-Law and the Wrestling Wives (Genesis 28:10-30:24)

The vision at Bethel – The true tower to heaven – Meeting Rachel at the well – Jacob reduced to service – Laban’s deception of Jacob – Women giving birth and the start of the deliverance – Multiplication in captivity – Miraculous birth of the deliverer

Day 11: False Phalluses and Despoiled Tyrants (Genesis 30:25-31:21)

New terms of service – Laban’s trickery – False phalluses and the lex talionis – YHWH appears to Jacob – Fleeing from Laban

Day 12: Jacob in the Dark (Genesis 31:22-33:20)

Laban pursues and overtakes Jacob – God appears to Laban – Rachel and Laban’s idols – Humiliation of the false gods – Covenant between Jacob and Laban – Preparing to meet Esau – Wrestling with YHWH – Peace with Esau

Day 13: The Exodus INTO Egypt (Genesis 37-50)

Joseph going to his brothers – Sold into slavery – Reduced to prison – The dreams of Pharaoh – Two stage exodus – Joseph’s brothers – The exodus of Israel into Egypt – Promise and anticipation of Exodus

Day 14: The Women, the Dragon, and the Beautiful Child’s Exoduses (Exodus 1-4)

The affliction of Israel – The Hebrew midwives’ righteous deception – A story of daughters – Eve and the dragon – The deliverance of Moses – Pharaoh’s daughter – Moses’ first visitation – Moses in Midian – Laban’s split personality

Day 15: The Battle of the Gods (Exodus 4-10)

The purpose of signs and wonders – Moses’s three signs and their meaning – Conflict with the magicians – Egypt’s plague of corruption – The order of the plagues – The battle of the gods

Day 16: The Sacrifice of the Sons and a Midnight Meal (Exodus 11-13)

The announcement of the death of the firstborn – The meaning of the firstborn son – Institution of the Passover – Meaning of the memorial – The sacrifice of Israel’s firstborn – Other themes in the Passover

Day 17: Crushing the Dragon’s Head at the Crossing of the Sea (Exodus 14:1-15:21)

Water crossings and transitions – A world framed by water – Preparing for the crossing – Red Sea crossing as new creation – The battle of YHWH – The Song of the Sea as liturgical memorial

Day 18: The Ear and the Doorpost (Exodus 1-15, 21:1-11)

Biblical teaching and practice of slavery – Pharaoh as cruel master – Legal background to the Exodus – Competing masters – Adopted servants – The boring of the ear

Day 19: A Portable Mountain and Competing Calves (Exodus 17-34)

Moses and the Israelites as head and body – Two sets of Gentiles – Meeting YHWH at the Mountain – Tabernacle, sacrifice, and the mountain – The forming of the covenant – The Fall of Israel – Moses as mediator and intercessor – The transfiguration of Moses

Day 20: The Testing of the Throne-Bearers (Exodus 25-30; Numbers)

Timeframe and setting – Tabernacle as new creation – Israel as the bearers of the divine throne chariot – A second exodus – Tests and rebellions in the wilderness – Further rebellion – The failure of Moses and the death of the old generation – Balaam and the wickedness with Baal of Peor – Ready to cross the Jordan

Day 21: A Successor, a Harlot, and an Invasion (Deuteronomy, Joshua 1-6)

The republication of the covenant – Provision for succession – Exodus and entry into the land as bookends – Rahab and her Passover – Crossing of the Jordan – Circumcision – The Passover – Meeting the Commander of the Army of YHWH – Destruction of Jericho

Day 22: The Crusade of the Lost Ark (1 Samuel 1-7)

A barren woman – A corrupt priesthood – The birth of a miraculous child – The tearing down of the house of Israel – The battle of Aphek – The Ark in Captivity – Judgment upon the Philistines and the humiliation of their false god – God’s weakness and power – The release of the Ark – The Ark in the wilderness – The restoration of Israel

14 Responses to 40 Days of Exoduses

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  8. BamBam says:

    When do you reckon you’ll get around to writing the other 18 days’ worth of exoduses?

    • Not any time soon, unfortunately.

      • toddott says:

        Any time soon, yet? I’d like to see an exodus of Samson.

      • Nope, unfortunately. I’ve written extensive notes for the rest of the Bible, but they are unlikely to be released. I have a book coming out on the subject in a couple of months’ time with an abbreviated treatment of the theme throughout the Bible. Samson was one I wrote notes on, but had to leave out, along with Deborah and others. Perhaps I’ll write a post on them at some point for Theopolis.

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  11. toddott says:

    I read your book and it didn’t really have any new information than what is already here on your site. I was hoping that you would finish the exodus series here because it is one of the few things on your site that is understandable. The rest of the discussions are too intellectual, way above the heads, I’m sure, of most Christians.

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