40 Days of Exoduses

The following is an extremely extensive treatment of the theme of exodus within the biblical text.

Day 1: Noah’s Exodus (Genesis 5-9)

Judgment on the antediluvian world – Ark as embryo of new creation – Deliverance of Noah – Confirmation of God’s covenant with Noah – Rest and the fall that followed.

Day 2: Terah and Abram’s Exodus (Genesis 10:1-12:9)

Imperial building project at Babel – Terah’s departure from Ur – Abram’s call from Haran – Conquest through worship

Day 3: Abram’s Exodus from Egypt (Genesis 12:10-14:24)

A nation summed up in one man – Reading the patriarchs typologically – Abram’s deception – Capture of the bride – Plaguing Pharaoh – Release of the slaves – Return to the land – Military victory

Day 4: Abraham, Lot, and the Flight from Sodom (Genesis 17-19)

Cutting off the flesh before the judgment – Promise of a son – Angel of YHWH and the two witnesses – Elevation to membership in the Heavenly Council – Sodom as Egypt – Exodus from Sodom – Tragedy of Lot

Day 5: Abram’s Sure Covenant of Exodus (Genesis 15)

Promise of heirs – A strange vision – Meaning of the vision – Darkness and the passing of the torch – The sacrificial system – Anticipation of Exodus

Day 6: The Opening of the Wombs and the Blessing of the Gentiles in Gerar (Genesis 20:1-21:7, 22-34)

Repeating themes in sacred history – Timeframe and geography – The deception of Abimelech – The threat on the woman – Accusation – Opening of the wombs – Conversion of Abimelech – Covenant with Abimelech – Birth of Isaac

Day 7: Hagar and Ishmael, the Forerunners in the Wilderness (Genesis 16 & 21)

Interwoven narratives and archetypes – Abram, Sarai, Hagar and a Fall scene – Hagar’s exodus from Sarai – Ishmael as the first Isaac – Ishmael’s exodus – Hagar and Ishmael in later biblical typology – Hagar/Ishmael and John the Baptist – Paul’s allegory in Galatians

Day 8: Following in the Footsteps of Abraham (Genesis 26)

A third sister-wife narrative – Isaac and Rebekah among the Philistines – Conflict over wells – Oath and covenant with Abimelech – Extension of the life of the covenant

Day 9: The Cunning Woman and the Righteous Serpent (Genesis 27:1-28:9)

The birth of Esau and Jacob – The Fall of Esau and the loss of his birthright – Jacob as the righteous serpent – Rebekah’s shrewd deception – Two goats and the Day of Atonement – The flight of Jacob

Day 10: The Faithless Father-in-Law and the Wrestling Wives (Genesis 28:10-30:24)

The vision at Bethel – The true tower to heaven – Meeting Rachel at the well – Jacob reduced to service – Laban’s deception of Jacob – Women giving birth and the start of the deliverance – Multiplication in captivity – Miraculous birth of the deliverer

Day 11: False Phalluses and Despoiled Tyrants (Genesis 30:25-31:21)

New terms of service – Laban’s trickery – False phalluses and the lex talionis – YHWH appears to Jacob – Fleeing from Laban

Day 12: Jacob in the Dark (Genesis 31:22-33:20)

Laban pursues and overtakes Jacob – God appears to Laban – Rachel and Laban’s idols – Humiliation of the false gods – Covenant between Jacob and Laban – Preparing to meet Esau – Wrestling with YHWH – Peace with Esau

Day 13: The Exodus INTO Egypt (Genesis 37-50)

Joseph going to his brothers – Sold into slavery – Reduced to prison – The dreams of Pharaoh – Two stage exodus – Joseph’s brothers – The exodus of Israel into Egypt – Promise and anticipation of Exodus

Day 14: The Women, the Dragon, and the Beautiful Child’s Exoduses (Exodus 1-4)

The affliction of Israel – The Hebrew midwives’ righteous deception – A story of daughters – Eve and the dragon – The deliverance of Moses – Pharaoh’s daughter – Moses’ first visitation – Moses in Midian – Laban’s split personality

Day 15: The Battle of the Gods (Exodus 4-10)

The purpose of signs and wonders – Moses’s three signs and their meaning – Conflict with the magicians – Egypt’s plague of corruption – The order of the plagues – The battle of the gods

Day 16: The Sacrifice of the Sons and a Midnight Meal (Exodus 11-13)

The announcement of the death of the firstborn – The meaning of the firstborn son – Institution of the Passover – Meaning of the memorial – The sacrifice of Israel’s firstborn – Other themes in the Passover

Day 17: Crushing the Dragon’s Head at the Crossing of the Sea (Exodus 14:1-15:21)

Water crossings and transitions – A world framed by water – Preparing for the crossing – Red Sea crossing as new creation – The battle of YHWH – The Song of the Sea as liturgical memorial

Day 18: The Ear and the Doorpost (Exodus 1-15, 21:1-11)

Biblical teaching and practice of slavery – Pharaoh as cruel master – Legal background to the Exodus – Competing masters – Adopted servants – The boring of the ear

Day 19: A Portable Mountain and Competing Calves (Exodus 17-34)

Moses and the Israelites as head and body – Two sets of Gentiles – Meeting YHWH at the Mountain – Tabernacle, sacrifice, and the mountain – The forming of the covenant – The Fall of Israel – Moses as mediator and intercessor – The transfiguration of Moses

Day 20: The Testing of the Throne-Bearers (Exodus 25-30; Numbers)

Timeframe and setting – Tabernacle as new creation – Israel as the bearers of the divine throne chariot – A second exodus – Tests and rebellions in the wilderness – Further rebellion – The failure of Moses and the death of the old generation – Balaam and the wickedness with Baal of Peor – Ready to cross the Jordan

Day 21: A Successor, a Harlot, and an Invasion (Deuteronomy, Joshua 1-6)

The republication of the covenant – Provision for succession – Exodus and entry into the land as bookends – Rahab and her Passover – Crossing of the Jordan – Circumcision – The Passover – Meeting the Commander of the Army of YHWH – Destruction of Jericho

Day 22: The Crusade of the Lost Ark (1 Samuel 1-7)

A barren woman – A corrupt priesthood – The birth of a miraculous child – The tearing down of the house of Israel – The battle of Aphek – The Ark in Captivity – Judgment upon the Philistines and the humiliation of their false god – God’s weakness and power – The release of the Ark – The Ark in the wilderness – The restoration of Israel

13 Responses to 40 Days of Exoduses

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  8. BamBam says:

    When do you reckon you’ll get around to writing the other 18 days’ worth of exoduses?

    • Not any time soon, unfortunately.

      • toddott says:

        Any time soon, yet? I’d like to see an exodus of Samson.

      • Nope, unfortunately. I’ve written extensive notes for the rest of the Bible, but they are unlikely to be released. I have a book coming out on the subject in a couple of months’ time with an abbreviated treatment of the theme throughout the Bible. Samson was one I wrote notes on, but had to leave out, along with Deborah and others. Perhaps I’ll write a post on them at some point for Theopolis.

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