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You Shall Call His Name Joshua

I have an article on the Theopolis website, exploring some of the reasons for the naming of Jesus. That ‘Jesus’ would be the name chosen for the Son in his incarnation might seem underwhelming. As a Greek form of the name … Continue reading

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Upcoming Course on Reading Biblical Narrative

For a while, I’ve wanted to teach a course that more directly focuses on teaching skills of biblical reading. As I will be teaching an intensive residential course on the subject of Exodus for the Theopolis Institute later next year … Continue reading

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The Anchored Argosy

Back at the end of September, Susannah and I decided that, as a content-producing married couple, we needed our own Substack newsletter, so we created The Anchored Argosy, which we introduced in this post. Posts are somewhat irregular, but generally … Continue reading

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