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Podcast: On Plagiarism

This week’s Mere Fidelity conversation on the subject of plagiarism was occasioned by a recent company statement from Eerdmans on the subject of three of their commentaries. For the discussion we were joined by our good friend Justin Taylor, Senior … Continue reading

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The Eternal Subordination of the Son Controversy: 5. The Need for Trinitarian Clarity (Part II)

1. The Debate So Far 2. Survey of Some Relevant Material 3. Subordination 4. The Need for Trinitarian Clarity (Part 1) The fifth part of my series on the eternal subordination of the Son controversy has been published over on Reformation21. This … Continue reading

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The Politics of the Table

My latest Politics of Scripture post has just been published. Jesus’ teaching involves, as Hays recognizes, a rehearsal for the manners of the inbreaking kingdom. Rather than currying favor with their rich neighbors and adopting the manners of their regional … Continue reading

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Transfiguration E-book

A while back I wrote a series of posts on the subject of the Transfiguration and the Christian reading of Scripture for Reformation21. Tony Reinke has very kindly formed the posts into an e-book, entitled Transfigured Hermeneutics, which the Reformed Resources … Continue reading

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Podcast: The Olympics and Sports

On this week’s Mere Fidelity, Matt, Derek, and I are joined by Michael Austin for a topical discussion of the Olympics and the place that sports have in our culture. We take the following quotation as a starting point for … Continue reading

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Brave New World, 85 Years Later

A piece of mine on the subject of Brave New World has just been published over on The Gospel Coalition website. One striking detail of Huxley’s portrayal is that, while the World State is founded on mass production, the process … Continue reading

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Podcast: On Satire

On this week’s Mere Fidelity, Matt, Derek, and I are joined by our good friend Karen Swallow Prior for a discussion of the Christian use (and abuse) of satire. Both Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” and this analysis of ‘punching up’ in American comedy are mentioned … Continue reading

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