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Influential Blogs

Tim Challies discusses the question of how the influence of a particular blog/blogger is to be measured. It is quite an interesting discussion. I agree with Challies that traffic and inbound links are poor indicators of the influence of a … Continue reading

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China Video

During our time in China I made a number of short videos of Mark dancing in front of some of the places that we visited. They were made into one longer video this evening. Please excuse the gratuitous silliness. The … Continue reading

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Ax A Pirate

If you prefer pirates to ninjas (aarrrghh!!) this website is for you — (the guys at showed a degree of foresight in getting to redirect to their site). Some of the old videos are actually quite funny.

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David Bentley Hart on the Discipline of Theology

David Bentley Hart writes:— Now, as it happens, theology is actually a pitilessly demanding discipline concerning an immense, profoundly sophisticated legacy of hermeneutics, dialectics, and logic; it deals in minute detail with a vast variety of concrete historical data; over … Continue reading

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Pirates of the Caribbean II

I watched it yesterday and feel that the Ninja‘s assessment is not too far from the truth.

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Back from China

Mark and I returned from China in the early hours yesterday. We had a tremendously enjoyable time, made many great friends and renewed fellowship with a number of others. I will probably post at length about it some time in … Continue reading

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