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Truth Be Told

If I were to buy a new computer today, it would probably be a Mac. This has removed one of my last remaining reasons to resist. There are some people who I would find it hard to admit this to, … Continue reading

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Bird Flu

The first British case of the H5N1 strain of bird flu has been found. I wonder if any of the efforts to control its spread will affect those of us studying in St. Andrews (which is only 7 miles north … Continue reading

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Some Good Stuff Online

Paedocommunion, the Gospel, and the Church – Peter Leithart Gift and Causation – Peter Leithart Copernican Revolution – Peter Leithart (who else?) Fellow second year St. Andrews Divinity student and blogger, Jon Mackenzie has also just released his new album, … Continue reading

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Note to Self

John Robbins’s site is, not…

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Two Good Posts

Joel and Dennis are absolutely right, as usual. On the question of the Real Presence, I feel a duty to conform my language on the subject to that of the Church Fathers and to the weight of the Church’s tradition. … Continue reading

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An Important Reminder from Joel Garver

Of Grace

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New Material at the N.T. Wright Page

There are a number of new lectures and articles at the N.T. Wright page. I haven’t listened to any of them yet, but the following lectures look superb: The Power of God vs. The Powers of the World Jesus’ Resurrection … Continue reading

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