Photos of Durham and Surrounding Area

Durham after a light snowfall
More Durham in the snow
A sunny day’s walk in Durham
Durham Cathedral tower

Days Out

Day out in York
Days out at the Beamish Museum and North Wales

Christmas Period Photos

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Photos and account of visit to America in 2012

Philadelphia to Williams
Williams to Moab
Moab to Las Vegas


A Few Days Away Near Whitby
Holiday in Northumberland and Durham
Weekend in Cambridge
Family Holiday Near Whitby and Congregation
Holiday in Marseilles
Miscellaneous Photos from 2016


A Few Photos
Earth Cake

9 Responses to Photos

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  8. John Keogh says:

    Hello Alistair,

    My apologies if it’s a tad weird to be crawling your blog, but I heard you this morning on a podcast you did recently with Desiring God, on the subject of Jordan Peterson — an excellent analysis of the man and the phenomenon.

    I thought your name sounded familiar, so I followed links to here, and your photos confirmed who I thought you might be. If I’m not terribly mistaken (and sorry if I am), your family lived in Clonmel, Ireland for some years, and your dad, Phil, pastored the local church. He also pastored our church in Thurles for a while, and I have very fond memories of his ministry there. I would have met you once or twice in your home, but we were all much younger then, so I don’t imagine you recall! But it was a pleasant surprise to come across you and your work all these years later.

    I hope all is well with you and your family, and please pass on my regards to your mom and dad. God bless you,

    John Keogh

    • Thanks for dropping by, John!

      No, you aren’t mistaken at all! My dad used to take me with him to your church at Thurles from time to time (very early 90s). I always enjoyed spending the time with him, especially on the drive over.

      My dad has Parkinsons and isn’t able to get around easily nowadays. However, in himself he is well. My mother is indefatigable, as she always has been! It was wonderful to see them just over a week ago, with my brother Peter, along with my brother Mark and his wife and daughter, who were visiting from Marseilles. I will definitely pass on your regards!

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