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Sealed For Resurrection: Baptism and the Objectivity of the Body

The first of a three part series of posts of mine on baptism and the body has just gone up over on the Theopolis Institute. The action of the ritual of baptism isn’t the act of the candidate, but of … Continue reading

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Podcast: What Adoption Is and Isn’t

After a week off, the latest Mere Fidelity podcast has just gone online. This week we are discussing what adoption is and isn’t, both within Scripture and in society today. We take our starting point in the following quotation from … Continue reading

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Podcast: On the Doctrine of Sanctification

The latest Mere Fidelity podcast has just been posted. Within this instalment, Derek Rishmawy, Andrew Wilson, Matt Lee Anderson, and I are discussing the live question of the doctrine of sanctification. In a couple of weeks’ time we are planning to … Continue reading

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New Birth in the Gospel of John

[I wrote this essay over seven years ago and would write it rather differently, were I to write it today. It is fairly mediocre and doesn’t make for especially gripping reading, but I thought that I would post it now because it … Continue reading

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Priestly Service in Romans 6

A few weeks ago I heard a sermon on Romans 6:15-23, during which a number of questions were raised in my mind about the way that the passage should be read. Seeing the second half of Romans 6 referenced in … Continue reading

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