Back from Myanmar

I returned from Myanmar yesterday afternoon. I go back to university on Saturday. This blog should become active again over the next couple of weeks.

About Alastair Roberts

Alastair Roberts (PhD, Durham University) writes in the areas of biblical theology and ethics, but frequently trespasses beyond these bounds. He participates in the weekly Mere Fidelity podcast, blogs at Alastair’s Adversaria, and tweets at @zugzwanged.
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6 Responses to Back from Myanmar

  1. Angie B. says:

    Great picture. Did you take it?

  2. Al says:

    Yes I did. I will be uploading a number more pictures (of uneven quality) of my time onto Flickr and Facebook over the next few days.

  3. nick says:

    Welcome back from your trip.

    Just thought you might be interested in an FV discussion taking place over at with Leithart, Jordan, Wilson, and a number of others. It’s rather interesting.

  4. oldfatslow says:

    You leave Myanmar and it falls to pieces. Hmm, what were you doing over there?


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