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Last year I gave up the Internet for Lent. I found the time really beneficial, but I am not going to repeat it this year. This year, Lord-willing, I will try to spend more time in prayer, get enough sleep … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s design for the iPod packaging.

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Funny post. [HT: John Pettigrew]

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What is the Postmodern Turn?

Jeff Meyers has a nice presentation on this subject on his blog.

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“Grammatical-historical exegesis is the exegesis of simpletons.”

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Hidden Passageways

When I have enough money, I am going to contact this company to help me to design my library.

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Incarnation Apart from Sin

Dennis has some insights on this question here. Update: Some further thoughts. Garver’s comments at the end of this post are also important reading. As usual, Joel and Dennis make their points far better than I do. Update 2: Alex … Continue reading

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Thoughts on What St Paul Really Said

T.B. Vick has started to post some thoughts on What St Paul Really Said.

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Prepositions in Romans 3:30

Dennis Hou has some helpful comments here.

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Election, etc. — The Sovereignty of God

Calvinists often talk about the ‘sovereignty of God’. Within this post I want to raise some questions about this concept as I often encounter it. When the Scriptures speak about the sovereignty of God, I believe that they are almost … Continue reading

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